For over 30 years RMCB has maintained its’ standing as a top consumer collection agency, offering state-of-the-art services to many high-volume creditors nationwide. Collection agencies play a vital role in today’s slowing economy. With “downsizing” and “consolidation” being two of the most prominent words uttered in every boardroom across America, it is important that companies like RMCB offer this much needed professional service to a growing community of creditors.

Over the years, RMCB has developed long-term “client-specific” collection programs for companies across a wide range of business sectors in the Healthcare industry, Direct Marketing, Banks/Credit Cards, Telecom, Transportation, Debt Portfolio Management, Services, etc.

Our collection philosophy is simple. Work harder and smarter than any other agency in the country. We develop collection programs that require hard work, skilled personnel, and statistical modeling to ensure that we offer top-notch service to every creditor we partner with.

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